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How Many Letters Should I Send?

July 18, 2023

The “how many letters should I send” debate is back in session. If you are like most organizations, you continually have the same conversation every year. It’s summer, when you take the time to plan your ”End of Year” Appeal Calendar, and someone… [Read more…]

Four Secrets to Major Gift Fundraising

June 29, 2023

By David A. Mersky Recently, I reached out to a former client, now friend, as she was about to experience an important moment in her life — her eldest child was graduating from middle school that evening. I’ve known her and her family for years… [Read more…]

Nonprofits Are Asking: Will We Reach Our End-of-Year Goals? 

June 14, 2023

Way, way back in 2019, we could predict fundraising trends for individual nonprofits.  Using the standard KPIs like previous giving history, the number of donors, and retention rates for various donors, helped form a reliable path to your goal. There was always testing… [Read more…]