Key Components of the Monthly Giving Ask

Part 7 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program

David A. Mersky imageIt is now time to turn your attention to the actual solicitation of your best, most loyal donors to invite them to become monthly sustainers.  There are 7 key components of the monthly giving ask.

  1. Show your appreciationAlways begin your direct mail monthly giving appeal—in fact, any appeal—with gratitude for past support. After all, you’re targeting those donors who have already demonstrated their appreciation for your work and mission. Shower these donors with love and tell them that you couldn’t have accomplished what you have without them!
  2. Extend your invitation
    Now you’ll be issuing your donors a very special invitation. Directly following your appreciation, go straight to the point with something like: “We’re writing to you, as one of our most committed supporters, to ask you…” Stress the exclusivity of your offer — and their past support.
  3. Extol the benefit of monthly giving
    Here is where you’ll point out the benefits of monthly giving to the donor. Emphasize the ease of monthly giving as well as the psychic value of knowing that the organization whose work they value will be able to rely upon an ever-increasing, steady cash-flow throughout the year. If you have a monthly giving program in place that you’re looking to grow, you might choose to insert a donor testimonial here.
  4. Your case…and how the monthly donor makes it possibleThis is where you reinforce the impact that your donor’s gifts have already made — and stress what could be possible.Restate the case and demonstrate your organization’s impact vividly and with emotion. The stronger your case, the stronger your ask.
  5. The “Ask”Now is when you’ll again circle back to the purpose of your letter. Use phrases such as:
    • With your gift of just $5 a month we can
    • Your gift of just $10 a month means that

    These amounts should be personalized to the level of the donor’s prior gifts.  Thus a person who has given $100 annually should be asked for not less than $10 per month.

  6. Thank againYou can never be too effusive with your gratitude. But now thank the donor not only for their past support but for considering joining the high-impact circle of monthly sustainers.
  7. Don’t forget your P.S.Never neglect your PS!  It is universally the most read part of any appeal. It’s an opportunity to reinforce the benefits of monthly giving.

When you become a monthly donor, you’ll have the satisfaction of          .

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