A Time for Planned Giving

We now live in the midst of a “new normal.” The current, unprecedented global economic roller-coaster and political uncertainty impact personal philanthropy. An additional component of the new normal—at least in America—is the increasing concentration of wealth being inherited as a result of the transfer by, what Tom Brokaw called, the “greatest generation” to their children and grandchildren.

This new normal has led to many donors’ anxiety about the future.  That anxiety manifests itself in an inability or unwillingness to commit to significant, multi-year charitable investments vital to the ever-changing, growing demands upon the Third Sector.

With this as a backdrop, we see great opportunity in thoughtful planned giving approaches to individual donors especially since only 7% of the wealth of individual Americans is in cash and the balance is in other assets and property..  Planned gift proposals also enable forward-thinking nonprofits to articulate and achieve bold, challenging, game-changing visions.

Once a month for the rest of 2011, Mersky, Jaffe & Associates will offer valuable posts written by David Mersky that will outline recipes for your success in planned giving.  Especially during these challenging economic times, fundraisers need to have a comprehensive donor centered approach to securing major support. If you don’t, the parade will pass you by.

Make sure you check back to understand how planned giving helps donors fulfill their charitable intent consistent with their desires, lifestyle, and financial needs by focusing on assets not income. We will demonstrate how to market planned gifts in a consistent, persistent and, ultimately, effective way. And how your message presented to a loyal donor as he or she weighs personal priorities will potentially yield a stupendous gift that will gratify both the donor and you and your organization..

Stay tuned!