Q. I have been asked to ask 5 of my close friends to donate to an organization in which we are all involved. I feel that I should be asking strangers who won’t find it as easy to say “no.” Am I right?

A.It is almost always easier to say no than to say yes. Yes accepts responsibility. Yes takes a chance. Yes takes action. Strangers can say no even more easily than friends because they lack the guilt of letting down a friend.

Perhaps you should focus on helping those five friends say yes. Make it easy for them to say yes by knowing their giving capacity, asking at an appropriate time in their zone of comfort, and providing options for giving. Encourage them by asking them to join you in your gift. Your enthusiasm, as well as sharing how good you feel when helping this organization, will be contagious.

Listen extremely carefully if you hear a “no.” Many who say “no,” want to say “yes” but you will have to listen carefully to learn what would help him/her/them change their minds. In fact, you may have to ask as many as three, six or even seven times to get to “yes.” Once the donor has overcome their fears of saying “yes,” your job will be extremely easy and very rewarding.