The Board’s Role in a Development Assessment

While it is true that you can download an Organizational and Development Assessment worksheet from our website, (click here to start your download) it is also true that the difference between a pdf and a nonprofit consultancy focusing on your organization are drastically different. When we are hired to do an Assessment – often in conjunction with a feasibility study – we work with the staff to collect a lot of the basic information. But what part does the Board play in moving the process forward?

Each organization is different, but in general the board president may be involved to provide institutional knowledge, an additional perspective and answers that an Executive Director may or may not have. Interviews for the assessment and feasibility study enable board members to contribute an insider’s point of view. Major donors among the board share their perspectives on the process of cultivation, solicitation and stewardship. Finally, the board receives a formal presentation of the assessment’s findings as well as develops and implements the new plan based upon the consultant’s recommendations.

Hiring a consultant may take some of the busy work off of the board’s plate. More importantly, the consultant enables the board to work smarter, more strategically and, inevitably, with more success. That, in conjunction with a well-analyzed organization, the board and the agency will have greater achievement in all its endeavors.