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6 Last Minute Ways to Show Your Donors Love for Valentine’s Day

Take a picture of a recipient/member holding a heart. Email it with a note wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day and thanking them for showing your organization the love. Create an infographic with a few ways that their gift and love for your… [Read more…]

Strong Leaders Help You Fundraise During a Pandemic

A Tale of Two Case Studies – Part 1* The pandemic has changed fundraising and development for 2020 (and, perhaps, beyond). Most annual, capital and endowment campaigns have been halted. We have developed a love/hate relationship with Zoom. And, fear has so profoundly infected nonprofits that many may not recover. But what hasn’t changed? Strong leaders are still essential and can help… [Read more…]

5 Types of Pandemic Volunteers

Furloughs and layoffs are everywhere, and nonprofits are no exception. But, since you still have a mission to fulfill and services to offer, volunteers offer an interesting opportunity. There are, potentially, more people available, but less time to train, track, and collect volunteers.… [Read more…]