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Scrambling For Your Next Board Chair? There Is A Better Way

For nonprofits who must beg someone to become board chair, it may feel impossible to imagine an orderly transition. But, if your organization has a leadership pipeline*, you cannot imagine how any board functions without one. If you are scrambling for your next… [Read more…]

What Board Qualities Does Your Nonprofit Value?

Here is a board member qualities exercise that I sometimes use when facilitating board retreats. I put 10-15 images on the table. I ask each person to look through them and: Choose at least 2 images that show board qualities that are currently… [Read more…]


A Guide to Powering Up your Board Member Recruitment

Let me start by saying that before you focus on board member recruitment, you need a standing committee on governance and leadership development. If you don’t, read this or this first. OK, now we are on the same page and everyone understands the… [Read more…]