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MJA Challenge: Overcoming Distractions

Lately I have read, seen and heard a lot about efficiency at the office and various secrets to overcoming distractions. Maybe I am just seeing these ideas because I often work from home and like to remind myself of these gems, or maybe… [Read more…]

How Clean Is Your Data?

If you are like most nonprofits, your Director of Development has turned over every 1 ½ years.  Among the chaos that this turnover leaves at the organization is mayhem in your development tracking systems.  Each new Director comes with lots of energy to… [Read more…]

Procrastination – Or How To Avoid It

As a committed volunteer, a responsible employee and a family organizer, I am slightly embarrassed to admit this – but I often need deadlines to help me achieve my goals – especially my volunteer jobs. And, I am not alone. Life is busy… [Read more…]