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Scrambling For Your Next Board Chair? There Is A Better Way

For nonprofits who must beg someone to become board chair, it may feel impossible to imagine an orderly transition. But, if your organization has a leadership pipeline*, you cannot imagine how any board functions without one. If you are scrambling for your next… [Read more…]

What Board Qualities Does Your Nonprofit Value?

Here is a board member qualities exercise that I sometimes use when facilitating board retreats. I put 10-15 images on the table. I ask each person to look through them and: Choose at least 2 images that show board qualities that are currently… [Read more…]


Did You Know That Volunteers Are Twice as Likely to Donate as Non-volunteers?

It’s true. Volunteers are twice as likely to donate as non-volunteers. Now, months into the pandemic, how do you define a volunteer?   In pre-pandemic times, your list of volunteers was obvious. They were the people contributing their time and skills. That could have been serving as a Greeter to anyone who walked through your doors, stocking shelves at… [Read more…]

5 Types of Pandemic Volunteers

Furloughs and layoffs are everywhere, and nonprofits are no exception. But, since you still have a mission to fulfill and services to offer, volunteers offer an interesting opportunity. There are, potentially, more people available, but less time to train, track, and collect volunteers.… [Read more…]