Challenge: Annual Fund Strategy

In order to establish a development program that enables you to exceed your annual fundraising goals and establish a culture of giving in your organization, you need to have a strategy. There are three aspects to this work:

    1. an honest, accurate situation analysis that details what is currently the case;
    2. a plan for the future that builds on what currently exists; and
    3. involvement of members of the organization in the assessment and planning work.

Your challenge is to consider who should be involved in your situation analysis.

  • Name 3-5 people who would be essential in gathering the information for the assessment of current practices.
  • Name 3-5 people who should have the opportunity to review the information and to be informed fully about the assessment before you move to the next step—the plan for the future.
  • List 3-5 advantages for involving these people.

Mersky, Jaffe & Associates and our learning community would love to hear your ideas.  Please tell us what you come up with and any results in our comment section below.