MJA Challenge: Capital Campaign Optimism

Last week I gave reasons why “Keeping Optimistic During a Capital Campaign” is essential.  This week, I challenge you to consider what aspects of your campaign, or organization, are exposing underlying negativity that needs to be countered before it becomes problematic for the organization (i.e. dissatisfied or unhappy staff, unfulfilled promises to donors, unproductive meetings, valuable board members leaving, etc…).

List up to 3 negative statements that you have heard said about your organization in the past six months.  Then, list 3 ways in which you could begin to reverse these ideas. Ideas could include establishing brainstorming meetings to engage various groups within the organization, hiring a consultant to re-engage or inspire some aspect of your nonprofit, or one-on-one conversations.  Remember to consider who should be involved to help ensure your success.

Negativity will go as far as you let it, but so will optimism.