Client Spotlight: Ruppin Academic Center

Ruppin Academic Center Logo

Mersky, Jaffe & Associates is proud of its association with its client, the Ruppin Academic Center, one of the largest and most prominent public colleges in Israel. Founded in 1949, Ruppin strives to cultivate a new generation of leaders who possess moral conscience, social involvement and environmental awareness, virtues necessary for the existence of a more civil society. In recent years, Ruppin has advanced in its academic program and public standing on two campuses, the Main Campus in Hefer Valley and the Michmoret Campus in a beautiful bay by the Mediterranean Sea. This unprecedented growth positions Ruppin as one of the most innovative and influential colleges in Israel’s academic landscape.

Named for Dr. Arthur Ruppin, the pioneering Jewish sociologist, Ruppin Academic Center is distinguished for its academic excellence, unique fields of endeavor and embodiment of the spirit of modern-day Zionism. Drawing on Professor Ruppin’s heritage, the Center is dedicated to educating the next generation with a sense of social responsibility to assert their leadership and make a difference in society.

Professor Shosh Arad, a world-renowned microbiologist, has led Ruppin as its president for the last seven years.  Being passionate about developing sea resources, she leads Ruppin’s efforts in Marine Science and Environment with a unique quest for economic and scientific utilization of the sea in Israel. Simultaneously, she has initiated Ruppin’s other primary area  of research and study in Immigration and Social Integration, a response to Israel’s most challenging social issue, and to one of the focal issues that is currently on the global agenda.

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