Developing A Strategic Solicitation Strategy

Thinking about raising more money imageYou know that you are about to embark on a campaign that will change the way people view your organization. And, when you are successful, it will enable you and your agency to do things that advance your mission and achieve your vision.

But, do you have an individualized plan for each prospect?

The following questions will help you think through your goals. The answers will provide a roadmap to formulate a strong, focused, strategic solicitation strategy.

1. How much are you going to ask for and for what is the money going to be used? Are those answers based on solid research and donor cultivation or simply one person’s thoughts?

2. Are you taking a written proposal? Any documentation? If yes, then, does it say the right things? Who signs the cover letter? When do you plan on handing it to the person? Is its review scheduled into your allotted time?

3. Is the solicitation team set and are they the right people to make the “ask?” Have they been well trained? Has each member of your solicitation team made his or her own financial commitment?

4. Have you developed a script that projects the right things (e.g., opportunities not needs, etc.)? Who (specifically) will tell the story and who will make the “ask?” Are they well prepared?

5. Have potential objections been reviewed? Have responses been developed?

6. Have methods of funding the gift been outlined? Are multi-year payments being contemplated?