Mersky, Jaffe & Associates provides executive search services for nonprofits in the cultural, higher education, religious, social service and health care sectors.

Why work with us? In less time, and ultimately at lower cost, we successfully place outstanding professionals in key management  and development positions.

Our Executive Search service for nonprofits is unique.

We are unparalleled in our knowledge, experience and ongoing relationships. As a result, we can do for you what we have done successfully for so many other organizations – find the right leaders who will help your organization achieve its vision. When you engage us to conduct an executive search, we will:

  • save your staff and volunteers time and energy allowing them to focus on other organizational matters;
  • avoid opportunity costs your organization would experience;
  • decrease the time it takes to fill your open position(s);
  • conduct organizational and development assessments to create or refine your job description(s), goals and objectives;
  • recruit people who may not be looking for jobs but are excited about your organization – exceptional candidates who can embrace your mission and provide extensive, relevant bottom-line experience;
  • screen candidates so that you only meet the people truly qualified for the job;
  • prepare staff and volunteers to conduct interviews; and
  • conduct thorough reference checks for you.

Once the candidate has begun work, we will provide Executive Coaching as well as counsel the individual and the agency leadership for a year to assure a smooth integration of the candidate into your organization, at no additional cost to you.

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