Q. We just completed a feasibility study and were told we could raise $5.7 million. That’s a lot. What are the chances we could raise that much?

A. The intention of a feasibility study is to measure your potential for success, and while it is a lot of money when you look at the number out of context, the completion of your feasibility study should have built up the confidence that you can raise the $5.7 million.

If you still have doubts, take a closer look at the report of the feasibility study and your board’s reaction.

1. Is there a compelling case for support?
2. Is leadership and management on board, willing to do the work from cultivation and solicitation of prospects to acknowledging and recognizing donors?
3. Has your community agreed to support your goals?
4. Do you have fundraising management systems as well as gift policies and procedures in place?

If you can answer these questions positively, and without hesitation, then raising the $5.7 million should be well within your grasp.