Funding Diversification, an Advisory Council and a Strategic Plan – A Case Study

Start Making Cover2In 2013, an organization, then called the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network (ICCN), contacted us about an organizational and development assessment. At the time ICCN, had 100 sites around the world, but the funding was not diversified – mostly coming from large corporate sponsors and foundations, it was time for a new strategic plan and there were questions about current governance and staffing issues. While their model had worked for 18 years, they were afraid that a shift in corporate priorities would leave them in a scary financial position. It turned out that their fears were well founded.

Cut to the present day. Over the past few years, MJA has helped them form an advisory council that is entering its second year. Their main corporate sponsor has drastically reduced funding and they are working on increasing the number of and involvement from individual major donors. They are a year into a 5-year strategic plan that includes additional and different staffing that frees up the executive director for more fundraising and development work. With the MIT Media Lab, their work has been incorporated into the recently published book, Start Making! A Guide to Engaging Young People in Maker Activities. They have been rebranded as The Clubhouse Network. And Mersky, Jaffe & Associates is still involved.

The promotion of their new book led to the idea of MJA highlighting the organization in this newsletter.  We are so excited and proud to see the organizational changes that will help ensure this amazing organization continues to engage underserved youth for years to come. We look forward to seeing the Clubhouse Network establish more funders and sharing their ideas throughout the world. Click on this link to learn more about The Clubhouse Network. If you would like to learn more about Mersky, Jaffe & Associates’ Organizational and Development Assessment click here.