Fundraising Tip: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Efforts

Fundraising Tip

Donor tracking or fundraising management software for nonprofits comes in all shapes, sizes and costs but the one essential element is that it will keep you organized. What many people neglect to consider is that it will only keep the entered information organized. The more information about a donor, the more you can tailor your appeals, acknowledgements, invitations and recognitions.

Memory lapses, staff turnover and board transitions make anything not documented practically irrelevant. These gaps can ruin a relationship very quickly and quite unintentionally. But, they are easily avoided.

Consider providing contact forms in hard copy as well as electronic formats (Email Abigail Harmon if you would like to see a sample contact form). Explain the importance of this information and send reminders to volunteers and staff until it becomes habit to file contact reports for everyone in the organization. Then, if your software will allow it—and it should—all you have to do is attach the completed contact form as a note to the donor’s record.

It will pay off in donor retention and donor happiness.