Whether you are planning a major campaign or want to assess your fundraising effectiveness, a nonprofit organizational and development assessment will help you analyze the efficiency of your nonprofit’s resource development capacities and ensure the organization’s readiness to undertake a major campaign.

Mersky, Jaffe & Associates will conduct a complete inventory of your development program to determine your organization’s full giving potential. We identify problems to promote opportunities for improvement and growth.

Often, we only need to call attention to the great resources you already have – but have not tapped into.

MJA’s development assessment process explores and reports extensively on:

  • the segments of your primary giving constituencies and how you should approach them;
  • fundraising and stewardship of present donors;
  • effectiveness in recapturing lapsed donors;
  • acknowledgment and recognition of gifts;
  • communications with friends, donors and potential donors to ensure that they present dramatic and effective appeals for support;
  • your potential for planned giving programs;
  • the effectiveness of your systems for donor tracking, fundraising management reports, donor research, and donor recognition;
  • the process and practice of your donor and prospect management system;
  • effective hiring and use of development team staff; and
  • recruitment and management of volunteer solicitors.

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