Challenge: Stewardship and Cultivation

The launch of Mersky, Jaffe & Associates’ new website created many challenges for those involved with the endeavor. As with most obstacles, our undertaking brought us increased knowledge and growth, two of our core values. It got us to thinking about the benefits of confronting—and, hopefully, overcoming—challenges. So, we decided to create challenges for our learning community. Each month there will be a new challenge.  We hope you will view the challenge, think about how you can meet it, do your best and, hopefully, take the time to report back to let us know what you have learned.   Because, we all learn best from experience as well as from one another.

May Challenge:  Let’s start this series with something every fundraising professional knows he/she should make a priority that often falls by the wayside—stewardship and cultivation.  Call a donor and make an appointment for lunch or coffee to let them know what is going on lately in your organization, but­ not to ask for money.  If that person is not there, call the next person on your list you have been meaning to call.  Keep making calls until you have an appointment on the books.  Consider any other calls returned along with additional appointments made after your initial appointment as bonuses that will further your cause.

* If you did not have anyone you have been meaning to call you are either amazingly good at your job or you should be spending the time determining which donors should be met on a regular basis.

We would love to know if you take this challenge.  Please, write a comment or thought below.