Green Nonprofit Tip: Getting Ready For Summer: Green BBQs

What’s better than an outdoor summer BBQ? Go Green by following these tips to reduce the chemical use, CO2 emissions, and trash associated with BBQs.

Time For Dessert: You can reheat baked goods like pies on the barbeque rack after the barbeque is turned off. Close the lid and by the time you are ready for desert they will be warm.

A Friendly Way To Prep The Grill: Instead of dousing the grill with chemical spray, prepare the grill by rubbing it with an onion. This way the food has more flavor and is friendlier to the atmosphere.

Make A Plan: Tally up the guest list before going to the grocery store to avoid overbuying or being stuck with leftovers that will go to waste.

Less Paper And Carbon Prints: Send invitations via phone or email, rather than sending paper invites.

Be Creative: Instead of relying on prepackaged chips and bottled sauces, make your own. You’ll cut down on packaging waste and have tastier, healthier food.

Choose Your Grill Carefully:
From a carbon standpoint, gas grills win out because naturalgas and propane burn cleaner and leave behind less waste than charcoal grills.

Get your Grill On: Grilling with the hood of the barbeque down not only increases energy efficiency, but also ensures the heat will be distributed more evenly throughout the grill.

Maintain Your Grill: Taking care of your grill properly means it will last for many delicious barbecues. Instead of petro-based cleaners you can clean your grill with a barbecue brush and a paste made with baking soda and water.

Using Friendlier Charcoal: Lump Charcoal or ‘natural charcoal’ contains no additives and is significantly preferable to charcoal briquettes.

What An Eco-friendly Barbecue Looks Like: The picnic table is primed with recycled-plastic durable, reusable dishware,fresh salads are made with seasonal, locally-raised ingredients, and at the end, the near-empty garbage can sits close to a full recycling bin.

Tip provided by Greencare at Jewish Home Lifecare: Working together to create greener and healthier communities.