Green Nonprofit Tip: Water and Bottles

I’m not sure when my mindset changed from considering Poland Springs as a savior vs. the devil. Okay, maybe the devil is a bit strong, we all know there are times when buying bottled water seems like a necessity – but working in an office where drinkable water is accessible doesn’t seem to fit the bill.

Need motivation to bring your own bottle to the office this fall? Here are some things to consider:

Many doctors, dieticians and parents recommend drinking at least 64 oz of water a day. And I’ve also heard that drinking a glass of water before eating lunch reduces the average caloric intake. A Nalgene bottle which holds 32 oz is easy to pour into a glass on your desk. Look good, feel good and know that you are helping the planet.

Ever consider how much you spend on bottled drinks each year? Assuming you pick up a bottle of water or other drink with your lunch each work day at $1.50 that turns into $375 a year (assuming two weeks vacation).

Flavor packets can make water more appealing. Your local grocery store sells a host of powders to pour into your water bottle to make it more exciting.

Like the idea of flavored water but trying to avoid the additives? Cucumbers, mint, and fruit are all added to water for events – why not try a natural flavor that you can grow in your own backyard.

Enjoy the end of August. But don’t forget your water bottle!