How to Choose a Fundraising Consultant

Choosing the right employee imageGo online. Call other nonprofits. Check the phone book. Assuming you have already determined you need counsel, these are easy ways to find the names of consultant.

It may not be the same path to help as the nonprofit down the street or a comparable organization across town. The only way to really know which one is right for you is to call Mersky, Jaffe & Associates. No, just kidding. Even Mersky, Jaffe & Associates is not the ideal fit for every nonprofit.

Actually, the only way to know which consultant is right for you is to ask the right questions.

Below you will find a list. Consider creating a worksheet for anyone involved in the decision making process. Print out one sheet for each interviewer and one for the consultant you interview – this will help you keep consistent records.

Questions to ask a consultant after you have provided an overview of what you are seeking:

  • What do you see as the specific challenge(s) we face?
  • What unique opportunities do you see in our community?
  • Do you have any experience with organizations that are comparable to ours?
  • Who do you usually work with in an organization?
  • How will our Board of Directors be involved?
  • What kind of use of our administrative staff do you anticipate?
  • What is the single most unique/important aspect of your company that we ought to consider in determining whether or not to hire you to be our consultant?
  • What kinds of interaction with the senior people at your consultancy should we expect?
  • Will the representative we interview be directly involved in our program? At what level?
  • What kind of support staff do you have and what kind of qualifications do they have?
  • Where can I find the professional biographies and credentials of anyone who would be working with us?
  • What sort of reporting methods do you use?
  • What are the costs involved?

While we love providing valuable information to the nonprofit community, we are not being completely selfless. We hope that you will include us in your interview process or at least contact us to talk about whether or not our services would be appropriate for your situation. 800.361.8689 or click here to email us.