Why This Article Will Not Improve Your Nonprofit

Telephone imageDo you know that feeling you get when you read something that is so true for you, that you find yourself nodding your head up and down in agreement? I just had that feeling recently, although I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that it had to do with my life as a consultant. Mark Satterfield, of Gentle Rain Marketing, sent out a sales letter that talked about the people that use his website as the valuable resource, instead of him as the consultant.

“Lots of people do that. They never really improve their sales results, they never really get lots more new clients, but they feel like they are doing something. Business growth through osmosis or something.

Or you can hire me to write a sales letter for you…or some website copy…something that will get you attention…get you sales…make you money.

How much do I charge? Well if you think you can get what I have to offer for a pittance you are sadly misguided. However if you sincerely want to stop messing around and finally get results from someone who knows his business cold, then, my friend, I’d love to talk with you.

Balls in your park. Want to talk? Just hit reply or just pick up the phone and call.”

Admittedly, we are a bit more formal at Mersky, Jaffe & Associates – that’s what happens when the principals of the firm went to Harvard – but the sentiment is spot on.

We offer an array of articles on relevant topics that are free for anyone to use. But, that is not the same as contracting Mersky, Jaffe & Associates as consultants to improve your annual fund, find a new Executive Director, or train your board.

Our expertise is not inexpensive, but when you consider:

1. the cost of your time – both in time lost to the learning curve and what else you could be focusing on instead of attempting to achieve all of your goals on your own;
2. the inspiration and authority that quite often, only a reputable consultant can provide; and
3. our proven track record of meeting and, often, exceeding goals – how can you not call us?

We start stalled campaigns. We bring confidence to donors – new and old. And, we bring in the right candidate to organizations and, generally, increase your productivity.

It is hard to spend money on something that is intangible. But spending the money on Mersky, Jaffe & Associates will mean that your nonprofit has more to spend on your priorities. And, in fact, after meeting with us, you will be able to define your priorities and know, with confidence, that the board and staff are in agreement.

So as our friend Mark Satterfield said, “Ball’s in your park. Want to talk? Just hit reply or just pick up the phone and call.” Or in our case, click here to email David Mersky.