Q. How do we increase our donor base?

A. Donors are not easy to come by but there are some ways to find people that would be interested in your cause enough to help support it.

  • ask your donors if they know of 5 people you could talk to
  • start with members who avail themselves of your services but do not yet provide voluntary philanthropic support
  • capture information from visitors to your web site
  • place donation buttons on every page of your web site
  • have a forward this page to a friend buttons on your website and email solicitations
  • rent/exchange mailing lists/email lists from partners or similar organizations
  • make every effort to renew past donors, especially those who have skipped giving to you for a while it is easier, and far less costly, to renew a donor than to find a new one
  • use prospect research to determine who is already involved in your organization but has potential to increase their gift size
  • call Mersky, Jaffe & Associates and ask for specific advice