Interim Placement (also known as Fractional Employment)

Interim Placement

This past year, 3 associates at Mersky, Jaffe & Associates provided interim Development Professionals placement, as Interim Executive/Fractional Employees, for clients. The impact varied, as did the amount of time each associate spent with the organization, but each helped the nonprofit move forward during times of transition. How?

  • Interim Placement/Fractional Employment for a Vice President of Development: One Associate worked on-site, full time for 5 months to replace a development director who had to be let go, suddenly. The Associate supervised existing staff, provided strategic direction for the development department, and participated as member of senior management of the agency.
  • Interim Placement/Fractional Employment for an Executive Director: Another acted as the interim executive director for a nonprofit for 3.5 months. The Associate raised money, oversaw disbursement of funds to the organization in Israel, and managed stewardship and donor relations. In addition, the person supported the board in the work it was doing to raise funds and acknowledge gifts.
  • Interim Placement/Fractional Employment for a soon to be hired Director of Development: A third Associate served a nonprofit for 4 months, part-time, to set up the organization to dramatically grow its development and fundraising. With a small, relatively new to development staff in the current department, the Associate served as mentor, guide to best practices, all while helping to develop needed systems and strategies that would help attract a new hire. In the meantime, MJA simultaneously conducted an executive search and worked with the board to enhance its governance processes and institute term-limits, new ways of electing board members, and increase board member engagement.

Three very different roles, but they all have something in common. The nonprofits were able to continue to grow, fundraise and develop relationships during transitions. Expected, or unexpected change can cause chaos, or you can utilize your resources to keep fundraising and development momentum in your organization.  

If you think you need a fractional/interim development director or fractional/interim executive director, Mersky, Jaffe & Associates can help. Call Abigail Harmon at 800.361.8689 X3.

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