Presented by Abigail Harmon and David Mersky
(50 minutes)

4 of 5 in the Successful Synagogue Fundraising Webinar Series

This webinar, Creating the Strategy for Each Donor, will focus on how to segment your membership/prospects and design strategies and tactics to effectively ask each family to contribute to your annual fund.

Each one of your members–whether you have 1,000 or 100–is a prospective donor for your annual fund.

During this fourth webinar in the series based upon our book, Successful Synagogue Fundraising–Overcoming the Fear of Asking for Money, we will help you consider a strategy for each of your prospects and donors.

We know you may have:

  • Members with abated dues
  • An older population on a fixed income
  • Families who don’t have disposable incomes that allow for major gifts to the synagogue
  • People who think they pay their dues (and possibly tuition) and feel that should cover all the congregation’s financial needs
  • Members who you believe just won’t give

We would like to walk you through the 7 steps that can help you move towards 100% participation. Not everyone will give 4- or 5-figure gifts, but we can show you how everyone can feel good about participating in your annual fund as you grow a culture of giving.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Segmentation
  • Tracking systems that work
  • Gift objectives for each prospect

For More Information About The Successful Synagogue Fundraising Book, click here.