Nonprofits need a constant supply of strong volunteer leaders to guide their organizations toward achieving their mission and vision.

This does not have to be a struggle. There is a path that you can follow to have a continuous pipeline of happy, productive board members. This is true, even if you have difficulty:

  • identifying prospective board members;
  • engaging these prospects; or
  • retaining your existing board members.

How You Can Engage New Board Members will help you understand:

  • the roles and responsibilities of your board;
  • how to assess your current board;
  • the essentials of identifying, cultivating and orienting new board members;
  • the importance of governance;
  • why leadership development should be year-round; and
  • how to evaluate individual board members and the board as a whole.

What are the 11 customized worksheets? 

  1. Board Profile Matrix
  2. Prospective Board Member Referral Form
  3. Criteria for Board Member Consideration Worksheet
  4. Materials for Potential Board Members
  5. Individual Board Member’s Role & Responsibilities
  6. Board Member’s Agreement
  7. Prospective Board Member Recruitment Worksheet
  8. Sample Agenda for an Orientation Meeting
  9. New Board Member Information Form
  10. Checklist of Goals for New Board Member During First Year
  11. Individual Board Member Self-Evaluation

Why do you want the 11 customized worksheets version?

You can make each of the documents agency-specific.

Example 1: In the Board Matrix you can change the fields to allow for your need for 2 development professionals on your board (just a suggestion) or consider diversity before any other criteria.

Example 2: Have a sample Board Orientation Agenda that accurately lists the time and date of the meeting to include a time slot for the presentation from a beneficiary of the amazing work you do or to include extra time for the fundraising and development committee.

Example 3: When considering the Checklist of Goals for New Board Member During First Year, you can add a section on committees to stress the importance of joining one or more.

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Paperback Book Only: $19.95