Given by Abigail Harmon and David Mersky
(50 minutes)

3 of 5 in the Successful Synagogue Fundraising Webinar Series

Do you need a formalized plan to secure major gifts? The fear of not achieving your fundraising goals is rooted in the absence of a plan.

Let’s work together to develop a clear a path forward during The Major Gift Engagement Plan for your Synagogue webinar.

During the third webinar in this series based upon our book, Successful Synagogue Fundraising–Overcoming the Fear of Asking for Money, we will:

  1. Start with helping you understand why you should:
    • be ambitious
    • understand your members’ capacity
    • prove that you are a good investment
  2. Continue with lessons on how to create a step-by-step planning process including:
    • setting targets
    • choosing strategies and tactics
    • creating an action plan
  3. Develop a “moves” management strategy that includes:
    • building a team, as well as understanding the role of a “moves” manager
    • identifying prospects
    • evaluating prospects
    • tracking “moves”
    • evaluating the plan

The annual fund (which is much more robust than a once-a-year appeal), provides an opportunity to identify, interest, involve, engage and acknowledge generous donors. Creating or expanding an annual fund will transform your Yom Kippur/year-end appeal into year-round sustaining support.

For More Information About The Successful Synagogue Fundraising Book, click here.