Are you planning a board or staff retreat? Are you thinking about a staff development workshop? We can provide your nonprofit with everything from conceptualization to facilitation.

Board Retreat

We can work with you to create a more cohesive board and/or overcome organizational roadblocks. In particular, we can help you:

  • teach every member of the board how they can, and should, be involved in fundraising;
  • overcome anxieties about asking for money;
  • initiate and develop a strategic plan;
  • create growth plans;
  • undertake a board self-assessment;
  • initiate or amend governance policies;
  • use your board committees to improve efficacy and efficiency (and eliminate redundancy); and
  • determine what you need to become a stronger, more effective board.

Staff Retreat

If you want to strengthen your organization, we can help you and your staff:

  • enhance solicitation skills;
  • create a stronger work environment;
  • develop a shared vision to address specific challenges;
  • establish/re-establish a sense of cohesion;
  • increase engagement in fundraising and development;
  • work with an interim/fractional or new chief executive; and
  • develop as a team.

For ideas, check out a list of recent presentations that we can use to help your nonprofit grow stronger.