An organization can make dramatic changes in its strength and efficacy by focusing on the under-utilized skills of current staff. Staff development helps you evaluate and enhance your nonprofit’s human resources. Mersky, Jaffe & Associates provides personal and professional development programs to promote staff growth, helping them meet ever increasing demands. An investment in your organization’s staff demonstrates your commitment to your employees as critical to your organization’s success. As a result, you will reduce turnover–the single most costly expense any organization experiences.

What does Mersky, Jaffe & Associates do to strengthen your staff development?

We work with you to develop criteria for successful employees and clarify position descriptions for each person. We assist you in creating a path for ongoing professional development. And, we work to improve management’s supervisory skills that strengthen staff recruitment, retention and evaluation.

If you need to on-board a new employee, revitalize current positions or help individuals grow, you need MJA. Working with us will enable you to focus the members of your team on the vision and organizational priorities that you have established. Their new skills will improve productivity while encouraging a greater sense of personal satisfaction in their work. This alone will enhance employee retention.

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