Management vs. Leadership

Nonprofit Leadership Lights ImageWe’ve written articles on the difference of annual funds vs the annual appeal and fundraising vs development.  Now it is time to consider the difference between leadership and management.

What is the difference?

Management takes care of the nonprofit’s resources (financial, human, physical, etc.).  Leadership ensures the resources are being used in the best way.

Management is in charge of other people doing their jobs.  Leadership provides guidance and assistance.

Management deals with situations as they occur.  Leadership examines the situation to see if it is part of a pattern as well as how the situation affects others in the organization.

Management tells others what to do.  Leadership uses communication to encourage others to achieve the organization’s goals.

Management does what they are supposed to do.  Leadership does what should be done.

Management ensures deadlines are met and work gets done.  Leadership considers what will motivate the staff or volunteers to help meet the deadline and what might stand in the way.

Management knows the correct way to get a job done.  Leadership understands that there are sometimes other ideas than his/her own and to listen to the possibilities.

Each situation is different, but by now, you get the idea.  Leaders are the innovators, the motivators, the people we all want to work for and with.