Marketing Your Nonprofit with Cute Babies?

Cute Football BabyIt’s been a little over a week since the Super Bowl and it seems that the only lasting memories (outside of Baltimore) are the ads that continue to run on television and online.  As always, talking babies, silly animals and beautiful, scantily-clad women were featured in the large majority of favorites.  But, people were also talking about these ads before the Super Bowl.  They were posted on YouTube and promoted in a wide range of newspapers, magazines and blogs.  In other words, traditional marketing – even for traditional companies has expanded.  And your nonprofit – no matter the size — can also capitalize on a combination of strong imagery and less traditional (as well as less expensive) marketing.

These adorable images may work for Pepsi and Kia, but should you be marketing your nonprofit with cute babies? The advertising industry understands that getting someone’s attention is essential to selling your message.  Nonprofits should be doing the same.

No one is going to give you a six-figure donation because you feature a cute doggie bringing a smile to hospital patient.  But using the image to encourage someone to pick up your brochure, click on your Facebook ad or generally learn more about your organization is a wise move.  Assuming that there is a true connection to the organization.

Want to step up your game even more?  Did you know you can use Twitter to share images and excite prospects?  Have you ever asked donors, volunteers and prospects to give you their best images of the organization?  Maybe you will get people shots, but maybe you will get that amazing image that truly represents your nonprofit.  Facebook, Pinterest and other social media are perfect places to ask for these pictures, and to receive them.

Be creative.  And attract prospects and donors – one cute baby at a time.