Welcome to the new Mersky, Jaffe & Associates site

We have changed more than just the look! Yes, you can still learn about the firm, our thinking and processes and see open executive search postings.
In addition:

  1. We have converted all of the articles in our archive to blog posts. That means YOU can leave comments and questions on the site.
  2. With more than 100 articles on an ever-widening range of topics. Now you can quickly see the last few articles (a.k.a. posts) on the home page, use the search feature on the top of the page, click on any of the topics in the article category or choose a word from the “Tag Cloud” at the bottom to find articles that are focused on that particular topic.
  3. We will still be sending out our monthly newsletter but now you can also subscribe to our RSS feed or learn about the newsletters and new articles by following me on twitter @merskyjaffe
  4. And, why have we undertaken this overhaul? Now, we will have a better understanding about which articles people are reading so that we can ensure future pieces focus on what you want to read.

If there is anything else that you think we should consider changing, improving or including in our new site, please email our Creative Director – email Abigail Harmon