Q. My mid-sized nonprofit uses Excel to track donors. Is there a better way that doesn’t cost a lot?

A. There are many options that will cost you any where from nothing to thousands of dollars and all of them are better than using Excel, or any other kind of spreadsheet or database that is not designed expressly for the purpose of fundraising management. While we can counsel you on the differences between DonorPerfect vs. eTapestry, Faithful Steward vs. Blackbaud’s The Raisers’ Edge, donor tracking software has become incredibly sophisticated.

Many are web-based and thus, can provide multiple users access to the same updated information as well as enable multiple users to update the information. Of course, this latter aspect of data management requires systematic controls so as to maintain the integrity of your organization’s information. In addition, the sort possibilities will amaze you. There is gift tracking, pledge management and campaign analysis. Call us for help in navigating these perilous waters.