MJA Challenge: Finding a New Perspective at Your Nonprofit

I have been running the same route in my neighborhood for the past year.  On a recent day I did something radical – I ran the route in the opposite direction.  If you are not a runner, this may seem like an obvious thing to do, but most of us find a path and follow it knowing we will get the mileage we want without thinking too hard.   But it gave me a completely different perspective on a road that I would have previously considered well traveled.

It made me consider what other areas in my life should be viewed from a different direction.   Before long I was wondering whether each and every one of you out there were among the people who needed a new perspective at your nonprofit.  And do you know what I realized? Every week, in this newsletter, we are trying to change our reader’s point of view.  We guide you to analyze your board in a different way, step outside of your comfort zone to consider new fundraising techniques and improve your skills as a development professional or volunteer.

For this week’s challenge I invite you to step back and consider your role in a nonprofit.  Then, consider, what is in need of improvement?  Where have you been running the same route for some time that could use a shakeup?  Then, list three ways that you can make changes.  Don’t list general ideas like read the articles on major giving on merskyjaffe.com.  Rather, read the articles and list three concrete ideas that could work for you.

And, remember that a seemingly minor change can have a major positive impact but remaining stagnant can do exactly the opposite.