MJA Challenge: Tweaks to a Nonprofit

Often, nonprofit development professionals are focused on major changes within their organization.  Whether an impending capital campaign is the catalyst or a new staff member is encouraging a transformation, dramatic overhauls to systems can establish more professional standards and best practices.  But, many organizations do not need anything that dramatic.  Many nonprofits only need tweaks to a nonprofit ensure they are running at full capacity or efficiency.

This week, I would like you to consider what two areas need tweaks within your organization.  Then, consider three ways that you could bring about change.  This could be as simple as examining and rearranging your calendar for the year, hiring a professional office organizer or offering a computer training session so more staff can utilize your systems.   Only you know the areas that need strengthening – so now is the time for you and your staff to brainstorm ways to create improvement.

If, you are not sure where to start, email me to learn how we can assess your strengths and weaknesses through an MJA Organizational and Development Assessment.