Moves Management Field Guide

Strategic thinking for moves managmentMoves management is the process during which you create individualized plans that focus your energy toward ”moving” donors from where they are to where you—and they—want to be. There are many types of moves you and your team can make but I have broken them down into 7 categories that will hopefully aid you in considering what goals you will achieve with each move.

The field guide that follows, while far from comprehensive, should enable you to find 5-10 moves (from the 30 listed below) for each of your prospects to include in your donor-centric plan for next year.

  1. Meaningful contact
    • Name as host for an event
    • Email with some specific program notes that you think may appeal to the donor
    • Personal call thanking the donor for a gift
    • Recognizing the donor at an event
    • Publically thanking the donor for a previous gift
  2. Moves that provide new information for the donor
    • Newsletters
    • Personalized email
    • Clipping of article related to recent conversation
    • Videos produced for or by agency beneficiaries
  3. Moves that provide new information to the organization
    • Coffee/lunch/drinks
    • Volunteer forms
    • Invitation to attend an event where all attendees will be asked to fill out basic information forms
    • Phone calls to invite to an upcoming event
  4. Moves that deepen the connection
    • Unique experience with organization’s beneficiaries
    • Request to host event at their house
    • Nomination to Board
    • Invitation to be on host committee
    • Ask him/her to speak on behalf of the organization
    • Behind the scenes tour
  5. Moves that help present the case for giving
    • Ask for their opinion on your “draft” case for giving (that will always remain a draft)
    • Ask for their opinion on your strategic plan
    • Participate in feasibility study
    • Event that highlights the case for giving
  6. Moves that help introduce leadership
    • Meeting with CEO/program staff/Board Chair
    • Invitations to private or special events
    • Ask if they are interested in joining a specific committee
  7. Moves that result in an ask/gift
    • Stewardship move for previous gift
    • Follow up phone call from an recent event
    • Personal appreciation of the prospect/donors’ time and money
    • Conversation about friends or colleagues whom they think could help support the organization