Tip of the month: Hooray for Nonprofit Consistency

Often, our articles focus on the areas that are lacking in a nonprofit.

  • How to improve yourself
  • How to strengthen staff development
  • How to engage your board members in the development process
  • How to get your campaign unstuck, etc.

But don’t forget to recognize your strengths.

Why not take 3 minutes at your next board meeting to state your appreciation for someone—at least one board member and one staff member—who is consistent and reliable.  Catch people doing something right!.

For instance, if you have a board member or committee who have kept your finances easy to understand, determined paths of savings and growth and/or can be relied upon without fail – remember to acknowledge them in both a private and public way.  If you have a staff person who supports everyone in keeping his or her eye on the ball in a cheerful, respectful manner and does not let things fall between the cracks, do the same.

You may struggle with balancing the books or occasionally following up on opportunities.  But, the fact that the entire board can be a part of a sincere discussion in tribute to someone’s hard work, will provide a real “feel good” and recognition of the importance of consistent service.