Nonprofit Strategic Planning: the When, the Why and the Who

nonprofit strategic planning - shared visionNonprofit strategic planning is often used when organizations are:

  1. In a strong place and looking to stay that way;
  2. Introducing new leadership and want to ensure the organization continues to work towards unified goals;
  3. Creating a shared vision as to the future direction of the organization
  4. Struggling and looking for a path forward;
  5. Someone realizes that major changes are necessary; or
  6. There is talk of a capital campaign on the horizon.

Notice the common element in all of these challenges? Whether by ingenuity or necessity, the nonprofit understands that a plan to move forward will help ensure a stronger future.

While readers can infer reasons to create a Strategic Plan by reading the list above, why should organizations like yours consider initiating this process?

  • An understanding of what your organization hopes to achieve
  • Concrete actions to move your nonprofit forward
  • Accountability checkpoints
  • Transparent leadership goals
  • Planned impact of each objective
  • A comprehensive view of current resources, what will be required to achieve the goals and how you will handle shortfalls or reallocations
  • Measurements of success

Who should create the plan?

It is, of course, possible for board members to organize the planning process. In fact, I chaired a strategic planning process for a nonprofit with which I served. But, I will also admit that it was extremely time consuming.

When we facilitate a nonprofit strategic planning process as consultants, we provide tangible deadlines, accountability, and expectations that are hard to require from volunteers. In addition, our external perspective helps us see the areas which may bog down your process, and help you areas acknowledge that which is healthy and focus upon that which requires the most in depth analysis.

If you are interested in learning other benefits of working with a consultant during this process, book a consultation with David by clicking here.