Professional leaders are critical to a nonprofit’s success. The role requires a combination of passion and skills that guide an organization to fulfill its mission. They work with staff and volunteers to establish and maintain development and fundraising efforts, engage board and other volunteers, and ensure organizational performance.

How can Mersky, Jaffe & Associates make nonprofit professional leaders’ jobs easier? 

Fundraising – Fundraising and development is the cornerstone of many nonprofits. Achieve the best possible results through our individual and/or group consultation. From annual campaigns to capital and endowment campaigns, Mersky, Jaffe & Associates can help you achieve your dreams.

Campaign Management – Annual Funds, capital campaigns and endowment campaigns each require agency specific strategies. If you are looking to raise more money, increase the number of people raising money, or understand the possibilities of your nonprofit in your community, Mersky, Jaffe & Associates can help you achieve your goals.

Staff Training – Do you or someone on your staff need to improve your fundraising, management, board management, and governance skills? Learn how MJA can help you dramatically improve your efficacy.

Executive Search – Replacing yourself or others in the organization can be very time consuming and costly. Learn how MJA can guarantee a smooth staff transition.

Staff Training – We can help you improve an individual or a department’s fundraising, management, board management, and governance skills.

Employee Survey and Performance Assessment – Looking at your entire staff’s strengths and weaknesses allows a nonprofit to answer the questions you didn’t even know to ask.

Organizational and Development Assessment – This in-depth tool can help you determine an honest, accurate situation analysis for your nonprofit as well as a plan for the future that builds on what currently exists.

Strategic Planning – We can guide you through the strategic planning process, collect ideas and transform the numerous voices represented in your nonprofit into one cohesive document with targets, and triggers.

Feasibility Study – Not sure whether your community will financially support the proposed capital or endowment campaign? Learn how we can test the concept while stewarding donors and uncovering additional volunteer leaders.

Board Development and Governance – Without strong leadership and governance, an organization will never succeed. We can help ensure that your board and committee volunteers are supportive, productive and responsive members of your team.

Succession Planning – Whether you have an expected or unexpected executive opening, or you are planning to leave, we can help you with a transition plan.