Proper Planning Promotes Possible Positive Performance

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Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning = effort. Does that sum up your feelings on the subject? For most people, procrastination to avoid that imagined mountain of work is the main reason they do not plan ahead.

Want more reasons not to add strategic planning into this month’s (quarter’s/year’s) design?

* Time spent planning is time spent not raising funds, reducing costs and putting out fires.
* We have too many short-term goals that are higher priority. Next year we will have more time to plan.
* Right now our staff/volunteer/board is very busy trying to close this year’s budget gap.
* Our recently established priorities have to come first – we can’t afford a redirection of assets.
* _______________________ Fill in your reason here.

Now let’s turn the tables: why should you initiate a nonprofit strategic planning process or a review of your current plan?

* Time spent in long-term planning will help you develop fundraising plans, reduce long-term costs and ensure fewer fires
* This is your opportunity to create proactive, long-term growth orientation
* Now is the time to check results and take corrective actions, if necessary, before the issues are considered fires.

But, you must plan creatively–not just by rote. Planning is not filling in the boxes of a spreadsheet and letting the formula determine where you will be in five years.

Why isn’t it Guaranteed Positive Performance?
We say that Proper Planning Promotes Possible Positive Performance because there are no guarantees that planning will deliver fulfillment to your organization. Planning is just that, a plan. Action must be taken to accomplish goals. Persistence is essential to the mix. And let’s not forget a great plan begins with a shared vision to ensure leadership is heading towards a shared future.

Proper Planning will provide you answers to the following:

* Where do we stand now?
* What will the future be like?
* Where should we be heading?
* How can we get there?
* Who is going to do it and by when?
* How much will it cost? What is covered?
* What are the results?
* What changes need to be made?

And those answers will help your shared vision become reality.

To learn more about creating a solid strategic plan for your organization, click here to email Michael Jaffe or David Mersky. We will provide you with a free telephone consultation to get you started.