Recruiting a New Director of Development

Q. We have tried everything we know to recruit a new director of development. We have posted the job internally, advertised and networked with our board, funders and donors. But we are not getting anyone who even comes close to knocking our socks off. What can we do?

A. It is no easy task to find the right person to take charge of your development efforts, interact with your donors, push your board to new levels, and work with your staff in common cause. It sounds as if you have done almost everything you could by utilizing your connections to search within your circles and community. This was a logical place to start, but as time passes, you need to evaluate the opportunity costs that the search has exacted from your organization.

* Are donors being ignored because of a lack of senior management contact?
* Has your fundraising leveled off when an infusion of cash is needed?
* Have events come and gone without a leader to involve important donors?
* What is the value of the time of staff and volunteer leadership that has been devoted to conducting the search that might have been better utilized in cultivating, soliciting and stewarding donors and funders?

Just as you might seek outside assistance for a development audit, feasibility study or campaign management, you can engage counsel for help in your executive search. Mersky, Jaffe & Associates created a division to help with human resource development solutions. We provide added value to clients and friends by extending their network through ours. And, when Mersky, Jaffe conducts a search, you receive a guarantee that if for any reason the candidate whom you select does not work out; we will redo the search at no further expense to you other than our out-of-pocket cost

Let us conduct your search. Reducing the time needed to find the perfect leader doesn’t have to tax any more of your valuable resources. You go run your organization and raise the funds vital to your mission.