The Return on Investment for a Capital Campaign with Mersky, Jaffe & Associates

return on investment for a capital campaign

When prospective clients, fellow board members, or friends in the nonprofit world ask whether they should consider working with MJA, I often tell them we are very effective, but not inexpensive. I admit that the answer is a bit conceited, but we are a great team with hundreds of combined years of experience. And I see what is achieved through our client work.

What is effective?  What is “not inexpensive?” It was time to offer quantifiable proof.  I asked David to analyze the numbers behind a handful of recent capital campaigns where we served as nonprofit consultants and I can let the numbers speak for themselves.

The return on investment for a capital campaign with MJA ranges from 1,292% and 8,466%.  That is not a typo- 8,466%!

Broken down:

Amount Raised with MJA ROI
$6,200,000 3,067%
$6,700,000 8,466%
$2,300,000 1,292%
$9,750,000 3,148%
$11,000,000 4,302%

I guess I was right – while we are not the lowest priced nonprofit consultants, we get impressive results.  And this chart is the proof.

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