The Role of the Executive Director in Nonprofit Governance

Book that includes The Role of the Executive Director in Nonprofit GovernanceManaging relationships among lay leadership and staff.

Navigating the relationships between senior staff and lay leadership is critical to mission driven work and seamless operations.  We believe this so strongly that we even wrote a book about it.  You can get your own copy—either electronic or print—of How to Engage New Board Members: Strengthening Your Nonprofit Organization by clicking here.  It will provide you with tools to help clarify roles and move the needle to benefit the goals of your organization and those you serve.

Not sure you need this book?  Then let me ask you does this sound like YOUR organization’s board?

  • “They say they will do anything EXCEPT raise money (despite signing a give and get pledge).”
  • “They don’t know how to fundraise…but they want to tell US what we need to do to fundraise!”
  • “They do not follow through. They say they will do something and then they do not do it.”
  • “They say they want to move the organization forward but then do next to nothing outside of the one board meeting a month they attend.”
  • “Our board lacks the knowledge or interest to fundraise. And it wasn’t even anything that they were told about or encouraged to do when they joined the board.”

Imagine what it would look like, instead, to have a passionate board, eager to be your organization’s best fundraisers and ambassadors. Happy to fundraise — together. It’s time to understand the role of the executive director in nonprofit governance.

Is this what you want?

Whether you are an organization in the early stages of building your board, or you are mired in dysfunction, you are sure to develop a foolproof plan for building your board and enhancing your organization’s successful fundraising program.

And, once you have built a knowledgeable, dedicated board who understands what their role is and promises to do what they say they are going to do, then we can provide you with the skill development for each of them individually and the board collectively to become passionate, pervasively optimistic advocates, ambassadors and, above all, great fundraisers for your organization.

If that is what you want, buy the book, contact me for a personal thirty-minute, no obligation consultation about its implementation, and schedule a solicitor development workshop for you, your staff, and every member of your board.  We will provide you with a program that will revolutionize how you engage your donors and a set of tools to reinforce your board members skills and motivation that you can deploy every single month. Start to understand the role of the executive director in nonprofit governance today.

You can reach me by clicking here.  I promise to get back to you in 24 hours.

And, if you will be at the NATA conference in December, come see my session that will offer you ways to improve the relationships between your nonprofit’s leadership.