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Care About a Nonprofit? Make Sure You Update Your CRM

Make Sure You Update Your CRM

If I asked you to list five facts about each of your top 20 donors, could you do it? Could anyone in your organization list five facts about those donors? If not, it’s time to start putting your notes and update your CRM*.

Caring about a nonprofit and the mission you serve should transcend your time with the organization. And documenting a donor’s affinities, interests, and contact preferences are ways to ensure the future.

Your job — whether you are an Executive Director, Development professional, or passionate volunteer, is to help the organization thrive. One can assume you are motivated to spend your time to help fulfill a mission and vision that you believe in. Maybe you even fill your days dreaming of how to raise more money and achieve more. Then ensure continuity and update your CRM after every meeting.

Is updating your CRM as sexy as sharing your three recent successful solicitations with your team? No. Is it as important, if not essential, to put detailed notes into a place everyone can see? Yes.

While you may think you will be there forever, things happen. People suddenly leave their position, decide to retire, or realize it is time to move on. And nowhere in your two weeks — or even two months — notice is updating your CRM notes going to take priority. Having lunch with colleagues is much more fun.

But, if you want to support the nonprofit into the future, use your CRM for more than tracking gifts. Notes will help the nonprofit succeed in the future. Which, I am hoping, is also part of the reason you work for the greater good each day.

*CRM stands for Constituent Relationship Management and is the term used for the software nonprofits and for-profits use to track relationships. KindfulShulCloudRaiser’s Edge NXT, and DonorPerfect are all currently being used by our clients to great success. If you want to discuss your needs, email me.