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Quick Quiz: Is Money Enough?

Executive Search costs imageThat’s right. It’s time to get out your pens and papers or whatever you use to make your lists.

Step 1: List the four most important aspects that you look for in an ideal job opportunity?

Step 2: List the top 4 benefits of working at your organization.

How can you reconcile those two lists? Money may be important, but if you had great opportunity for personal and professional growth, interesting work, great people with whom to work, a leadership role (or at least a voice in the bigger picture) and a flexible schedule – would you compromise on money? Every opportunity is different, and creating the right opportunity isn’t always about dollar signs. Consider what your potential candidates want in a job, and then design a benefits package that matches.

Not sure what your employees truly want? Why not go through this exercise with some of your better candidates during the next round of staffing. It may enable you to make a better hiring decision.

Quick Quiz – Major Gifts at Your Organization

This is actually an offline quiz so grab a piece of paper and a pen. Ready?

  1. Name three donors who have potential to give more to your organization than they are currently giving?
  2. What three ways can you research a donor’s giving capacity?
  3. List the person/people who could arrange a meeting with each of your prospects.

Admittedly, this is not our usual type of quiz, but if you are interested in increasing major gifts and have read this far – it is time to be proactive. Set a goal to meet with three donors in the next three weeks. It may not be the entire $2,500,000 you are hoping to raise, but it could increase your annual income and develop stronger relationships. And income and relationships are valuable assets when you are ready to start that much larger campaign.