The Five Words That Really Excite Donors

Can you form a sentence—better still a question—with the five words that really excite donors?

What are the words?

How about:

  • Increase
  • Improve
  • Reduce
  • Save
  • Gain

Try this the next time you hear a prospective donor say, “I would love to make an increased gift in support of your organization—you know how much the mission means to me—but, I am concerned about the economy and my investments. Will I have enough to sustain my lifestyle and my family for the future?”

Can you respond by asking, “Mr. Prospect, if I can show you how to increase your income and improve your cash flow as you reduce your investment management expense, save taxes and gain control of your philanthropy, would you consider a charitable gift annuity to our organization today?

The prospect’s answer should be a resounding “Yes!”—who could resist?

In this period of a “new normal” more and more of our best supporters are fearful of outliving their resources and not having the current cash to fulfill their philanthropic objectives. A planned gift—a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust, for example—may provide the best of all possible worlds. The organization receives a significant gift and the donor gets to “increase their income, improve their cash flow, reduce their expenses, save taxes and gain control” of their personal and philanthropic investments.

All you have to do is listen for the donor’s cues and be ready to ask a question with the five words that really turn donors on.