The Nonprofit Leaders Guide to a Capital Campaign Vol. 1 of 11

Capital Campaigns, whether seeking $13 million or $1.3 million, are once in a generation opportunities for nonprofits. This massive undertaking requires a strong vision, a clear plan, an understanding of the necessary infrastructure, and the leadership who can guide a nonprofit from inception to community-wide approval and from solicitation to shovel in the ground. That is the impetus for this series, The Nonprofit Leaders Guide to a Capital Campaign.Volunteers Helping Volunteers

While the economy post-2008 will always feel less than solid, more and more nonprofits are considering whether now is the time to right-size their building or make much-needed renovations. In part, they are looking around their communities and seeing the success of their fellow 501(c)(3) organizations. As David wrote in his recent series, the Benefits of a Successful Capital Campaign, nonprofits which undertake a capital campaign strengthen their leadership and community, improve annual fund donor acquisition and retention and establish planned giving opportunities, among other benefits.

While he highlighted the various aspects of a nonprofit that are elevated with the rising tide of a campaign, this series will help professional and volunteer leaders understand the necessary steps for a successful capital campaign. During this next year I will explore:

Volume 1: Defining the Dream

Volume 2: Determining Your Campaign Goal

Volume 3: How to Determine Capital Campaign Goals

Volume 4: Capital Campaign Staffing, Fundraising Consultants and Volunteers

Volume 5: The Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Volume 6: Capital Campaign Feasibility Study Results

Volume 7: Marketing Materials 

Volume 8: Who Will Make the Asks

Volume 9: Who To Solicit First

Volume 10: Identifying the Second Round of Capital Campaign Prospects

Volume 11: Maintaining Capital Campaign Momentum

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