This Year’s Top 10 MJA Articles

This Year's Top 10 MJA ArticlesI am jumping on the December bandwagon and offering you this year’s top 10 MJA articles in an easy to read list. This is based on your readership, but we know that not everyone can read our blog/newsletter each week. If I missed one that you felt was valuable, please let me know and I’ll forward it along next week.  Happy Holidays.

  1. It’s That Time Again – Here Are 11 Annual Appeal Tips

  2. 4 Types of Bequests and Estate Gifts – Part 1 of Planned Giving Explained

  3. 3 Complicated Planned Gift Options Explained – Part 2 of Planned Giving Explained
  4. Behavioral Interview Questions for a Nonprofit Executive Search by David A. Mersky

  5. How Many Words Do You Need For A Fall Annual Appeal Letter? or any mail or email solicitation

  6. Be Thankful for the Gift and Move On

  7. Pareto’s Principle is No Longer the Standard in Fundraising

  8. Are You Incorporating these 9 Short-term Fundraising Goals into Your 2017 Plan? It might be too late for 2017, but it’s not to early for 2018.
  9. The Role of the Executive Director in Nonprofit Governance by David A. Mersky

  10. Lessons on Turning Around a Bad Experience at Your Nonprofit

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