What Makes MJA Different – a Bit of Self-Promotion

MJA logoAs organizations begin the search for a consultant it may, at first glance, seem like most consultants are saying the same things.

“We can help you raise money,” “We can help you work with your donors and expand your donor base” or “We can train your solicitors and show you how to succeed.”

So, why Mersky, Jaffe & Associates?

Experience in the Field
Mersky, Jaffe & Associates has been helping hundreds of nonprofits – from Boston Architectural Center to Anti-Defamation League, from The USS Constitution Museum Foundation to the Hillel Foundation at Tufts University – for more than 13 years. A selected client list can be found at www.merskyjaffe.com/clients.

Forget the Bait and Switch
We guarantee that one of our principals – David Mersky or Michael Jaffe –will guide you through the entire process from creating the relationship to developing a plan of action, from delivering relevant service to ensuring your satisfaction with the results.

Read our detailed bios by clicking here.

Our Values
At Mersky, Jaffe & Associates, we:

    • invest in the success of our clients;
    • believe a talented, dedicated, enthusiastic and mutually respectful leadership team is central to our clients’ ability to achieve their goals and advance their mission;
    • maintain an atmosphere of integrity and the highest professional standards through teamwork, personal development and recognition of accomplishment;
    • value imaginative thinking and creative change, because innovation continually improves the services we provide our clients;

treasure personal relationships within MJA as well as with our present and past clients;

  • embrace new technologies to stay at the forefront in service to the nonprofit community;
  • assist our clients in maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with their members, donors, funders, vendors, volunteers, board and staff leadership who work with us to achieve their mission and fulfill their vision; and
  • pledge that each of our clients will benefit by the direct involvement of the principals of the firm in their endeavor.

Our Services
We provide:

  • short and long range fundraising planning
  • design capital campaigns, annual giving programs as well as volunteer and professional leadership development programs
  • recruit and train professional and volunteer leaders
  • ignite campaigns

Starting Your Campaign
Feel free to call us at 1-617-965-2347 or write us by clicking here and we will call you. If this article didn’t convince you to work with us, talking to one of us will.